What if you are looking at something creative yet one that also conveys something very formal or rather serious? Say for example, your business has something to do with the healthcare sector or the education sector. Perhaps you are doing B2B marketing or you are advertising your product or service to executives or influential people who call the shots.

Consider whiteboard animation.

Whiteboard animation shows a hand-drawn image using a black or colored marker writing on a white background. This style is most effective in making your target audience understand complex ideas or a set of points that you would like to convey.

Normally, the illustrations are accompanied with a voice over narration which takes the audience through the story or message that the whiteboard animation video is trying to impart.

While whiteboard animation may be simpler or less colorful, it is not at all less engaging. It even gives the viewer the ability to focus more on your video. Studies show that whiteboard animation is even more appealing to busy people – who are usually decision makers – and to mobile users on the go. Think of the iPad and iPhone generation. This is also the video style of choice of many business owners who use email heavily as a marketing tool.

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